Reason for Capitol Police to be concerned

The U.S. Capitol Police, who were overwhelmed Jan. 6 when a mob of Donald Trump supporters smashed their way into the Capitol in an attempt to stop Congress from verifying the election of President Joe Biden, are bracing again for possible violence this Saturday. More right-wing groups are planning a rally to protest the arrest and prosecution of people who participated in the violence.

Organizers are calling the arrested rioters “political prisoners.” What they plan to do on Saturday isn’t exactly clear, but Capitol police are taking no chances on more violence, either from the groups like the Proud Boys and Oath Keepers, or from lone actors looking to create some trouble.

Perimeter fencing around the Capitol will be installed prior to the protest to keep people out. Capitol Police will be out in full force, with back up from surrounding departments. We expect the U.S. military will be ready to respond if needed.

On Jan. 6, Capitol Police were not ready for an even that had never before happened in Washington. They will be ready this time.


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