How will Minneapolis pull off police change?

Minneapolis voters have a big question on their ballot this fall. Do they want to keep the Minneapolis Police Department which is deeply unpopular with the people it is supposed to be protecting and serving, or do they want to start over with the new Department of Public Safety that could include police officers, but will emphasize other approaches to keeping people safe?

Let’s assume voters approve the new Minneapolis DPS. Who is going to come up with the organization and plan?

According to the ballot question, the Minneapolis City Council will have more direct control of the department. The same council that couldn’t seem to come up with the ballot explanation?

How soon will they be able to put it together and get it running?

A year?

Who protects the city in the meantime?

Undoubtedly, the Minneapolis Police Department, until it is phased out.

How motivated will Minneapolis cops be to do their job knowing its only temporary?

We have seen violent crimes and shootings on the rise in Minneapolis this past year, thanks to the depletion in the ranks of the MPD. How is the Department of Public Safety going to do any better to prevent these kinds of crimes.

Wishing and hoping probably won’t cut it.


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