No time to relax on COVID

We have been heartened by the drop in COVID-19 cases in Minnesota and Lyon County during the past month and a half. The daily count of new cases has been seemingly stuck, with one or two new cases every couple of days. It is good to see people feeling comfortable going without a face mask, thanks to their vaccinations.

But there is still reason to be cautious, especially in light of nationwide statistics. There continue to be hot spots, places where people have been resistant to getting vaccinations, and are falling victim to the new variants like the delta variant that is spreading quickly across the country.

One thing is clear, the numbers are increasing in areas where vaccinations have not been plentiful. We would urge any of our readers who have not received a vaccination to do so soon.

The Marshall Area YMCA is offering a vaccination opportunity on Wednesday. A COVID vaccine clinic will be held 3-6:30 p.m. People who want to receive the vaccine are encouraged to book appointments for their first dose online at https://www.solvhealth.com/book-online/pRJxQp.

Meanwhile, those who have questions about COVID vaccinations should contact their physician, or Southwest Health and Human Services, to get the answers.


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