How did he get the guns?

Another mass shooting, this time at a FedEx facility in Indianapolis, killed eight people last week Thursday night before the gunman turned his gun on himself.

Again, the shooter appears to be someone with enough red flags surrounding him to preclude him being able to get guns legally. Yet Brandon Scott Hole, 19, bought his assault style rifles legally last July and September.

Hole had been questioned by the FBI last year after his mother called police and told them she was afraid her son might “commit suicide by cop.” Police confiscated a pump-action shotgun from hole at the time, but he was still able to purchase the weapons without triggering any kind of warning bells. Either he did not have to go through a background check, or it was a pretty meager check.

If this country is not going to be serious about controlling the ownership of assault-style weapons, we need to be more stringent in who gets to buy them. Young men whose mothers fear they have a death wish, who undergo FBI questioning and have a gun confiscated should have to go through a little extra scrutiny before being allowed to own them.


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