Short Takes

Folks depending on Congress to act


Folks are hurting. Evidence of that could be seen Thursday on Lyon and Fifth streets as vehicles lined up to enter the Holy Redeemer School, parking lot. It was there that workers with the Lutheran Social Service handed out packaged free meals to go. Lisa Gillund, assistant director of operations for LSS meals, said meals and snacks for 300 people would be distributed. Gillund also said food insecurity is a real problem right now as the pandemic rages out of control in Minnesota, so more food giveaways are planned this month. Meanwhile, in Washington, D.C., the wheels of progress turn painfully slow. While reporting progress, members of Congress are still haggling over the details to send financial help to those unemployed and struggling because of COVID-19. They shouldn’t even think about leaving Washington until they finish their job.

Minnesota Legislature seals the deal


Give credit to the Minnesota Legislature. Lawmakers came through for their constituents and businesses in the state by passing a $216 million COVID-19 relief package. Sen. Gary Dahms, R-Redwood Falls, said he was hoping for a larger package, but “it was probably the best Minnesota legislators could do under the circumstances.” Rep. Chris Swedzinski called the relief package a step in the right direction. But he’s urging the governor “to open up the economy.” Thanks falling virus cases in the state and the recently launched national vaccination campaign, that could be just around the corner.

Defiant and spreading the virus


Photos and videos showed a scene of standing-room only situation inside the Alibi Drinkery in Lakeville Wednesday. It’s owner decided to defy Gov. Tim Walz’s executive shutdown order and open the doors to customers. The result was customers sitting and standing side-by-side with no regard for their health, or the health of friends and family they come in contact with during the upcoming days. A potential super-spreader in the making.




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