Short Takes

Thanksgiving travelers irresponsible


Lexi Cusano was traveling form Miami, Florida, to Hartford, Connecticut, for the Thanksgiving holiday. “People were just hanging out without their masks on,” said Cusano, who recently took a job in Miami. “I saw them walking back and forth from the bathroom, down the aisles, with no mask on, and I was like, this is a little bit ridiculous now.” Cusano was quoted by the Associated Press. “You know, the main fear people have usually going on planes is: ‘Are we going to crash?'” she added. “But today, it was more like, ‘I’m breathing in the same air that’s been circulating in here and people are just being very irresponsible.’ So that was the main horror.” It’s bad enough that people feel the need to travel during a health crisis, but tossing precautions into the wind is just irresponsible. Not wearing a mask in a crowded airport is disrespectful to the other travelers.

Neighbor feeding neighbor


There was positive news in Marshall. More than 75 volunteers worked hours on Thursday to make sure many Marshall residents would enjoy a Thanksgiving dinner. Organizer Teri Hively said about 1,000 meals were prepared for curbside takeout during the 30th annual community dinner. That’s neighbor helping neighbor.

Legislature should pass virus aid


It was encouraging to see Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz and House Republicans unveil separate relief proposals for small businesses that have been hit by new restrictions to slow the spread of the coronavirus. Walz developed his package with the Democrats. The governor said he would call a special session to pass the aid package. We urge both the Democrats and Republicans to work in a bipartisan effort to pass legislation to help struggling businesses throughout the state.


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