Short Takes

Record election turnout a big win


No matter who is victorious in the U.S. presidential race, there is another big winner — U.S. democracy. The record turnout in Lyon County, southwest Minnesota, the state and across the nation is a positive development. That record amount of voter participation might have been sparked by the president’s huge popularity among one half of the nation and the disdain for him by the other half. However, that phenomenon appears to have motivated many people who failed to vote regularly in the past to look at the ballot that had more than the U.S. presidential race on it. Other important races involving state and local offices appeared on those ballots. That’s called getting involved in your community.

Still divided


Tuesday’s results also showed we are a nation divided. Rural voters have different ideals than those who live in the suburbs and cities. The division has also driven wedges between families and friends. Hurtful and sometimes disgusting insults thrown about on social media.

Pandemic not going away


Some predicted that COVID-19 would disappear after Nov. 3. They claim it was all political ploy. Well it’s still here. This nation still can’t come to terms with the pandemic. We are still divided on how to control the sometimes deadly COVID-19. Duty to protect your neighbor is being confused with personal freedom. Unfortunately, protecting health has seeped into our politics and became a major campaign issue.

Fischbach going to Washington


Congratulations to Michelle Fischbach on her election victory over congressional incumbent Collin Peterson. Fischbach spent a lot of time in Marshall and other parts of southwest Minnesota and it paid off. Meanwhile, Peterson deserves our thanks for working hard for farmers in our region as chairman of House Agriculture committee. But we are confident Fischbach will do a good job representing southwest Minnesota in Congress.


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