Don’t let virus take over through neglect

We know people get tired of the coronavirus restrictions. People want to see their families and friends. They are tired of wearing masks all the time. They are tired of keeping a six-foot distance from others. They are sick of waving to grandkids or grandparents through a Zoom window.

But we can’t allow all that to bring our guards down when it comes to COVID-19.

Over the weekend, the number of COVID-19 cases in Brown County jumped from 112 cases on Friday to 132 cases as of Tuesday. That’s an 18 percent increase, and while the number of cases remains relatively low compared to area counties, people should be concerned.

It is extra important, now that kids are back in school, that we all pay attention to the recommendations designed to keep us safe. Wear face masks when out in public. Keep a social distance of six feet from others. Cover sneezes and coughs with your arm, and wash your hands frequently and thoroughly. Avoid large gatherings.

It’s hard to say what caused the big jump over the weekend. There is no single event that can be blamed. Maybe it’s just a collective lowering of our defenses as we all struggle with COVID-19 fatigue.

We can’t afford to let our guard down as long as COVID-19 is out there. We urge everyone to think of your health and the health of others, and keep practicing preventive measures.


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