Short Takes

Open schools with modifications


The Minnesota Department of Education released results Thursday of the Fall Planning Survey for Families. The survey indicated that 64% of respondents selected that they would feel comfortable sending their students back to school this fall. Of those 64% who said they’d be comfortable sending students back to school this fall, 94% would send students back to school full time. Less than 12% of respondents said they would not feel comfortable sending student back to school. However, of the respondents who answered they would not feel comfortable sending students back to school, over 83% percent cited concerns about public health a reason why they would not feel comfortable. The release of the survey comes on the heels of President Donald Trump pushing for schools to open this fall and criticizing the federal guidelines for reopening schools. But Dr. Robert Redfield, also on Thursday, said the head of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said there would be no changing of the overall guidance. Dr. Redfield is correct to take this stance because when it comes to the health of students and their families, we can’t afford to cut corners. However, we need to get students back to school. But lets face it, modifications will have to be made to prevent major COVID-19 spreads in our schools and taking the virus home to family members.

Be careful out there


The Independent has been fielding calls from concerned citizens reporting COVID-19 cases among employees at certain business establishments in the area. So there is a lot of concern over safety when shopping. However, one particular caller expressed frustration that there is no data being reported on the number of recovered COVID-19 cases in the area. Right now the Minnesota Department of Health only provides those numbers statewide as patients “no loner needed to be isolated. Those numbers only provide a false sense of security. Until a vaccination is developed, the only security available is following health guidelines that call for wearing masks and social distancing as much as possible.

Fair playing a game of words


It’s an odd situation involving the Lyon County Fair. Back in May, the board announced the “postponement” of the fair until 2021. And that’s where it gets confusing. Does that mean there is no 2021 fair because we are holding the 2020 fair next summer? Or is it the 2021 fair? Again, what happened to the 2020 fair? It probably has to do with contract issues with vendors and entertainers. The fair board reported a $10,000 loss to the Lyon County Commission on Tuesday. However, the “postponement” terminology conflicts with all the other fairs in the region and in the state being up front with residents: using the word “canceled.”


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