Short Takes

Keep your face masks on in crowds


The recent rise of the COVID-19 cases nationwide indicates the threat of the virus is still thriving. Closer to home, it was reported Thursday that an inmate at the Minnesota Correctional Facility in Faribault has died after testing positive for COVID-19 earlier this month. And even closer, last week the Minnesota Department of Health reported a COVID-19 case at Minneota Manor long-term care facility. Minneota Manor officials say the case involved an employee who has now completed a self-quarantine. After a sharp daily increase of cases in Lyon County during the past month, there seems to be a leveling off period this week. That’s good news. However, Lyon County presently has one of the highest number of cases in southwest Minnesota right now with 284 and two deaths. Some of us in Lyon County have been negligent with face masks and social distancing. But the majority have been following the health guidelines. Local businesses have also worked hard to protect their customers. Now is not the time to get careless. Too much work has been invested to go backwards in keeping our communities safe and our businesses open. If not for yourself, wear the mask for your family and neighbors.

Put Marshall Hotel sign on display


It’s like another piece of time being ripped away from us. While the hotel needed to go, that doesn’t make the demolition any easier for some of us that have walked and drove through downtown Marshall for decades. The hotel represents Marshall history and soon it will be no longer. However, there is a piece of that hotel that is now being stored by the city. The Marshall Hotel sign was taken down last week. We hear it’s destined to be displayed some how in the future by the Lyon County Historical Society. Hopefully that can be done sometime in the near future.

We support our law enforcement


With the debate raging over defunding law enforcement in Minneapolis and other parts of the nation, residents of southwest Minnesota can be proud of our law enforcement. Marshall Police Chief Jim Marshall and Lyon County Sheriff Eric Wallen run professional law enforcement operations. And the men and women of the Minnesota State Police also work hard to keep us safe.


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