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Don’t believe everything you read on social media and hear in the rumor mill


News of a “peaceful protest” in honor of George Floyd to be held Wednesday evening in Marshall drew lots of concern and social media buzz. Rumors swirled around town, including claims that bus loads of rioters were heading to Marshall. That never happened. Instead, about 200 people holding signs congregated at Memorial Park on Main Street before marching down College Drive. The long line of protesters included people of all ages representing various ethnic groups. They shouted slogans all the way down to the Speedway gas station, before turning around and heading back to Memorial Park. It did get a little crowded on the corner of Main and West College — causing some motorists to get agitated. Other than that, there were no incidents of disobedience or violence. The group just wanted their message to be heard: “Say his name. George Floyd.” And many motorists driving by honked in support.

Left with ‘a somber feeling’


There was another message in response to George Floyd’s death that was a little different from the protest. It was memorial put together by local artists which was located at the Southwest Minnesota State University Alumni and Foundation Center on East College Drive. “It’s been kind of a somber feeling,” said Julie Walker, who is a SMSU professor and one of the organizers of the memorial. Walker said it’s a place for people to reflect. That’s exactly what is needed at this time.

Lyon County left in a tough spot


It was just last January that Dan DeSmet was hired as the emergency manager in Lyon County. It quickly became a key position as the COVID-19 pandemic hitting across the nation. Lyon County and Marshall ended up declaring states of emergency. Now, just four months into the job, the county’s emergency manager resigned to take a job with the Upper Sioux Community. With COVID-19 cases surging in the county, DeSmet’s very short tenure left county commissioners in a tough spot. Lyon County ended up entering into an agreement with Lincoln County to have a shared emergency manager. A very unfortunate situation.


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