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Examples of doing what we can


The life of shelter-in-place is starting to wear on people -†especially with summer just around the corner. It’s good to see some of the different ways people are getting around the current restrictions. In Tracy and Tyler, for instance, outdoor graduations were held in school parking lots. Those in attendance listened to speeches flashed on big screens sitting inside their cars. And the graduates were driven up to the front podium to receive their diplomas through car windows. Not ideal ceremonies, but it worked and there were plenty of smiles on graduates’ faces and honking sounds from the vehicles. More to come, as a planned parade of vehicles for seniors will be held later today on a Marshall parade route.

Support local retail stores


Will local retail bounce back? That’s the big question as retail stores reopen doors and restaurants and bars offer outdoor dining. While it’s easy to shop online, it’s important more than ever to shop locally. Jobs and business survivability will depend on consumers making the effort to support retailers on Main Street.

A sad few days in Minneapolis


Violence never accomplishes anything positive. The looting and destructive behavior that rocked Minneapolis Wednesday night only compounds the pain caused by George Floyd’s death at the hands of out-of-control police officers. Destroying your own community will not bring justice.

Time is now to end excessive force


U.S. senators Amy Klobuchar and Tina Smith have joined the chorus of political and government officials calling for swift justice in the death of George Floyd. “While we understand that the facts are still coming to light, and that state and local authorities are reviewing the case, we believe that the seriousness of the incident requires additional independent oversight by law enforcement at all levels. We urge you to ensure that all evidence is quickly secured, including all video footage, and to aggressively pursue justice,” the lawmakers wrote. “Mr. Floyd’s death appears to be yet another horrifying instance of excessive force leading to the death of African Americans across this country.” They are right. We all must come together to end this string of needless death that appears to be racially motivated.


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