Short Takes

A slight turn of the dial


As anticipated, Gov. Tim Walz on Wednesday turned the dial a little more. But for some, he didn’t turn that dial enough. In fact, a lot of restaurant and bar businesses, along with churches, expressed disappointment. Minnesotans have been experiencing shelter-in-place and some form of shutdowns for more than two months now and it’s getting old. Business owners are suffering deep losses and some businesses may never open up again. Walz, however, is doing what he pledged to do since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic crisis. He pledged a gradual process of reducing restrictions – a process that includes the consultation with health experts. He is also watching the rising numbers of COVID-19 positive cases, related hospitalizations and related deaths. He ended the briefing with this sobering statement: “It’s going to get worse here, this virus, before it gets better. This is an absolute guarantee.” He predicted 1,000 deaths in Minnesota by the end of the month.

Outdoor dining not a perfect situation


Outdoor dining will be no picnic for restaurants. While some restaurants have fairly large outdoor dining areas, others have small patios and even more eating establishments are out of luck when it comes to outdoor spaces. And even with the patios, social distancing limitations reduce capacity considerably. Then there’s Minnesota weather. “What happens when you have your patio open and a storm comes from nowhere? You can’t go inside,” one restaurant owner was quoted in the Minneapolis Star Tribune. That’s some food for thought.

Don’t be in big hurry to get hair done


Need a haircut? You may be in luck. Hair salons may open on June 1. However, patience will be required as reservations are required with a 25% occupancy rate in the establishment. The larger the clientele, the longer the wait.

A time for prayers


Meanwhile, the Associated Press is reporting Roman Catholic and Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod congregations across Minnesota plan to resume worship services in defiance of the state’s ban on gatherings of more than 10 people. The leaders said at a news conference that the ongoing restrictions are an unconstitutional violation of their churches’ religious freedom, given that bars, restaurants, shopping malls and tattoo parlors are now being allowed to reopen. It’s an understandable argument, but …

Let’s just pray for a miracle and the COVID-19 numbers start to drop and we all can go back to doing the activities we all enjoy and need in our daily lives.


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