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‘Stay-at-Home’ order the right decision


Gov. Tim Walz made the right decision to order Minnesotans to “Stay at Home.” It was the only decision to make because just look at what’s going on in New York City, California, Louisiana and Washington. We can’t let that happen in Minnesota. Living in rural Minnesota will not shield us from the virus. It only takes one person to travel up north and back — or somebody from the Twin Cities — to spread the virus in our communities. The order is all about saving lives.

Living with social distancing


Social distancing can be difficult day after day. But we can do this. Walz’s order that requires social distancing doesn’t mean residents have to stay inside the house 24/7. There are still a lot of activities that are allowed. We see families taking walks and riding bikes. Hunting and fishing are still allowed. And you still can get take-out meals from some of your favorite eating establishments.

Outstanding local leadership


Our state and local leaders are stepping up during this moment of crisis. Even during a self-quarantine, Gov. Tim Walz has been holding regular briefings. He has presented facts and recommendations from experts and provided common sense explanations for his decisions. Meanwhile, Marshall Mayor Bob Byrnes has also been giving regular updates on the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and how it affects our community. Dr. Steven Meister — also a city council member — has joined the mayor in these presentations. We are sure Marshall residents find the presentations helpful as they cope with pandemic threat. After the governor ordered all Minnesotans to stay home, Byrnes assured residents city operations will continue. Knowing that their city will not abandon them during a crisis is important to residents.


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