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Prayers for wounded Waseca officer


Our hearts break over the news a Waseca police officer was shot and gravely injured in a gun battle with a suspect. The details of that battle published in the Minneapolis Star Tribune Thursday morning puts the spotlight on the type of dangerous situations police officers sometimes face. And it’s not always happening in the big cities like Minneapolis and St. Paul. Officers pursued the suspect in the darkness of night as he scampered from a balcony to the rear of a garage. Officer Arik Matson was hit in the head with gunfire as he stood in a driveway in front of the garage. The Tribune reports that the officer’s pastor said Matson is doing better than expected. That’s good news. We thank all the men and women in law enforcement who must be prepared for these types of situations knowing full well their lives are in danger.

Finally, some good news for farmers


China’s economy czar will visit Washington next week for the signing of an interim trade deal, the government said Thursday. That’s good news for farmers because it’s a sign U.S and China are making some progress in ending the tariff war. Under the “Phase 1” deal, Beijing agreed to buy more American farm goods, Washington’s chief negotiator said. Details have yet to be announced and Chinese officials have yet to confirm any regulatory changes or the size of purchases of American soybeans and other exports. Meanwhile, U.S. Sen. Tina Smith announced she will support the bipartisan trade agreement with Mexico and Canada in an upcoming Senate vote. She said the trade agreement will also boost U.S. Agriculture and end unfair milk pricing rules that hurt farmers. The new year is now looking a little more promising for southwest farmers.

Learn the facts about resettlement


Lyon County is slowly getting sucked up into the refugee resettlement debate. Counties throughout the nation are now forced to go through the process of officially deciding on accepting refugees for resettlement. In September, President Donald Trump issued an executive order requiring state and local governments to give written consent to the federal government for refugees to be resettled in their jurisdiction. It’s an important decision to make because federal dollars are involved. United Community Action Partnership is requesting the county’s consent to continue resettlement services, which reunite refugees with family members living in Lyon County. Other counties have held similar public hearings, and some featured ugly jeering and shouting. We urge concerned citizens in Lyon County who plan to attend the Jan. 28 hearing to do some research. Making unfounded accusations without facts won’t help commissioners make the right decision for the county.


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