Prosecute those who resort to violence

On occasion, politics in our nation becomes an exercise in confrontation. Harsh words are exchanged. Voices are raised. But most of the time, people who disagree keep their distance, recognizing that the First Amendment is no excuse for violence.

Last week, a judge in Cincinnati, Ohio, sentenced a Kentucky man, Dallas Frazier, 30, to 120 days in jail for assaulting another man outside an August rally for President Donald Trump. Frazier had been found guilty of the offense during a jury trial.

In addition to the jail time, Frazier was ordered to pay medical expenses for the man he punched.

Was Frazier there in support of or opposition to Trump, you ask?

It does not matter — not at all. What does matter is that those who resort to violence must be arrested, prosecuted and punished severely. Good for the Cincinnati judge — and for others on the bench who share his attitude.


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