Short Takes

USMCA trade deal is finally a reality


Farmers throughout the nation and right here in southwest Minnesota are probably pleased that the Democrats and President Donald Trump finally reached an agreement on the new trade pact with Canada and Mexico. But they are also probably wondering what took so long? Now if we can just get this US-China trade agreement to the finish line.

Shipping company’s bankruptcy is bad news for truckers


There are a lot of truckers that make southwest Minnesota home, so we can only imagine the amount of sympathy that was felt here when the news hit that thousands of truck drivers found themselves stranded and jobless mid route after Celadon Group abruptly filed for Chapter 11 protection this week. Suddenly gas cards stopped working and repair shops refused to make repairs on broken down trucks. “A lot of people I know are stuck all around the country trying to get home and look for another job please pray we all bounce back,” one trucker posted on Facebook according to a Washington Post story that was published in the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

Regional volunteers are coming through


This time of year really warms the heart. From Lyon County Heart to Heart to Lyon County Salvation Army bell ringing, volunteering to help others is a common sight. The giving goes on in so many places here in southwest Minnesota that it’s impossible to name them all. But we do admire them for their many hours of sacrifice.

Legislators shouldn’t make snap decisions on what to do with state surplus


It’s kind of funny – or maybe sad – the amount of suggestions being made across the state on how to spend the projected $1.3 billion projected surplus for the state of Minnesota. As the saying goes, it’s not even in the bank yet. Legislators anticipate heated and long debates over the possible surplus. Democratic Gov. Tim Walz is urging caution. That’s the right approach. Hopefully the governor and legislators in the House and Senate follow that approach.


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