Short Takes

Missed opportunity by commissioners


The recycling controversy involving curbside pickup in Lyon County has turned into a messy situation with county officials and commissioners desperately seeking a solution. On Tuesday, commissioners voted to request for proposals to provide curbside pickup which would be due Sept. 27. They also voted to hold a public hearing on Oct. 1. During discussions, one of the commissioners said he wanted to clarify at the Sept. 3 meeting that he “never said we weren’t going to have a public hearing” on curbside pickup. He argued that no one moved to call for one during the meeting. And that’s the problem — a missed opportunity to allow for public feedback before making an important decision. A public hearing should have been called in that meeting. We suspect commissioners underestimated the amount of negative feedback they would receive after that meeting.

Good turnout for craft fair


The Red Baron Arena continues to build on its resume of successes. Last Saturday’s turnout for the craft fair proves that if you build it, they will come. The fair attracted 150 vendors from miles away. There was a wide variety of crafts for sale and people attending the fair went out the doors with their hands full of merchandise and smiles on their faces.


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