Short Takes

Plenty of entertainment at festivals


So far the festival season in southwest Minnesota has been quite entertaining. Festival organizers in area cities have done a good job in recruiting quality bands and other entertainment. Last weekend’s Cardinal Days in Clarkfield is a recent example. A BMX stunt show and several musical acts drew good crowds. The Yellow Medicine County Fair is now heating up and also offers an entertaining lineup of events. And don’t forget Aebleskiver Days in Tyler this weekend.

Not enough razzle dazzle


It’s unfortunate that Americans now require razzle dazzle in Congressional hearings. Robert Mueller was labeled as boring during the House and Senate hearings Wednesday. Meanwhile, important details of how the Russians meddled in the 2016 elections, among other things, are dismissed because they weren’t provided in an entertaining way.

Enjoy SW MN wines and brews


The Independent’s Steins and Wines special section that appeared inside Thursday’s edition is proof southwest Minnesota has a lot to offer when it comes wine and craft beer. You don’t have to go far to enjoy wine and beer that is made right here in the region.

Ag industry has seen better days


Panelists at the second annual Agri-Business State of the Agriculture Panel at the Marshall-Lyon County Library on Tuesday gave a sobering picture on what our area farmers are facing this year. And it’s just not the tariffs that are threatening agriculture’s future. Hog producer Greg Boerboom pointed out that the average age of a farmer is 55 now. He foresees more farmers giving up to retire, with consolidation eating up small farm operations.