Short takes

Keeping computers old out of landfill


Lyon County Public Works Administrator Roger Schroeder gave commissioners an update this week on recycling programs. One such program is giving new life to old computers. The program is called ResQzone and takes unwanted, but usable computers and swaps out their operating systems for a new one. The hard disk drives on the computer are completely sanitized for a new user. The computers are then given to low-income county residents. The best part — the computers stay out of the landfill.

Flooding solutions taking too long


It’s a shame that a flooding problem has been identified by the city in the Legion Field Road neighborhood, but solutions are slow to develop. Another rain storm means more flooding in their properties. The city says it doesn’t have designs yet to address the problem. Meanwhile, residents of this neighborhood keep their fingers crossed every time the weatherman forecasts rain.

Big numbers for Wilder Pageant


The Wilder Pageant in Walnut Grove is preparing for its 42nd season starting today. During that stretch of time, there has been 300 performances and more than 300,000 people from around the world have attended. Big numbers for a big-time event that helps put southwest Minnesota on the map.

Smart decision delays Hwy. 14 work


The Minnesota Department of Transportation made a good decision when it announced the constructions project for U.S. Highway 14 from Tracy to Revere has been put on hold to allow travel to the Wilder Pageant. The pageant is an economic boost for the area. The constructions would have made it difficult for some to attend the pageant — maybe even lead some people to not attend this year.


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