Short Takes

Marshall district protecting students


In the wake of more school shootings in recent weeks, it’s good to see Marshall Public Schools District in the process of upgrading security at two school sites. On Monday, the board voted to approve a construction bid for the two projects at Marshall Middle School and West Side Elementary. The money to fund the projects is coming from the state, so it’s a good deal.

Hospital upgrades big boost


Southwest Minnesota rural medical care received a boost with the six-year improvement project costing $7.5 million at Hendricks Community Hospital. It included an improved entrance design, redesigned cafeteria and expanded lab space, radiology and physical therapy.

Putting road signs in focus


There is nothing more frustrating than trying to navigate a particular route and having to read a faded street sign. On Tuesday, Lyon County engineer Aaron Van Moer presented a report to the board on faded intersection signs on county roads. For one thing, he recommended that the “Christmas Tree” design signs should be replaced. We agree, they are too confusing for motorists and first responders. In some cases, these signs may present dangerous situations. He also reported that many signs were damaged in a 2011 wind storm and did not get immediately replaced. While he mentioned there are discrepancies on who is responsible for many of the signs (state, county, townships), residents should be pleased the county has been taking the lead in sign maintenance and replacement. Upgrading the signs will reduce driving frustration and may even save a life.