Short Takes

Politicians failing to act


Both Democrats and Republicans are failing Americans when it comes to Medicare and Social Security. The Associated Press article in Tuesday’s edition reports that the retirement programs are still heading toward crisis situations. Insolvency for Medicare is set for 2026 and Social Security faces the same fate by 2035. Unfortunately, neither President Donald Trump nor Congress has put these essential programs for working-class Americans on top of their to-do list.

Looking for solutions to flooding


Residents who live in the Legion Field Road neighborhood would probably agree with Marshall city officials that solutions to constant flooding are desperately needed. An engineer with Bolton & Menk presented the City Council with the possible solutions that could add up to $1.45 million. Marshall City Administrator Sharon Hanson told the Council that city stormwater fees could be used to pay for part of the proposal.

State budget needs balanced solutions


The battle over the state budget is heading to a boiling point as the Legislative session heads into the homestretch. The Minneapolis Star Tribune reported in Thursday’s edition that Gov. Tim Walz’s plan to increase taxes would hit the lowest-income Minnesotans the hardest. The article cited a new state analysis conducted by Department of Revenue. The Walz administration reacted to the report by saying lower-income Minnesotans would benefit the most from his agenda of higher spending on school, health care and roads. Meanwhile, Republicans unveiled their tax plan that would cut taxes for many Minnesotans. Any budget proposals should take a balance approach.

Don’t get busted texting while driving


Do you often do texting on your phone while driving? You might want to prepare for a new law that takes affect in August that calls for heavy fines for multiple violations. While catching distracted drivers may be a challenge for law enforcement, officers in Minneapolis are getting creative. An article in Thursday’s Star Tribune reported on a sting operation targeting drivers in Eagan using phones while driving. A front page photo shows an officer peering through a window from inside a bus parked on the street. He was looking down into cars as they moved past the bus. He was looking for drivers holding devices. The sting called “Busted by the Bus” was aimed to get drivers to pay attention around school buses. Texting while driving is not only dangerous, it will now be costly if caught.