CUP for County Fair building too vague

On March 28, I attended the Marshall Planning Commission’s public meeting concerning a requested Conditional Use Permit by Carr Family LTD Partnership, the owners of the building formerly housing County Fair Foods, to allow Chasing Our Tails, out of New Hampshire, to operate a pet treat business there.

And I have read the editorial in the April 4 Independent. I was quoted in the Independent’s news article on the public meeting, when I expressed concern after Mr. Trachtenberg’s verbal assertions about the cleanliness of his plant’s operations.

More importantly, I am concerned about the proposed CUP, as read to us. It appears very vague on each and every one of the conditions listed and lacks any specific objective conditions or requirements that can be measured. We were not given anything to indicate that is being corrected.

How do you evaluate the performance of the business or determine whether it is adhering to the conditions of the CUP without the means or ability to test/and or measure it?

Without this, it becomes nearly impossible to know when the conditions are being violated so the city could revoke the permit. For instance, how do you determine, without a specific definition, what is an offensive odor, as this may be different for different people.

And what will be considered a negative impact to adjacent properties?

I was very disappointed in the presentation. Others who were in attendance expressed dissatisfaction also. Mr. Trachtenberg only spoke about his beliefs, which were all vague and subjective. He provided no facts or objective information which could be checked and followed up on.

For instance, without specific numbers for actual use, how does the city of Marshall know whether or not its water and sewer capabilities in the area can handle the increased usage?

This information must be known by the company and should be provided. Should there be limitations as to amounts or certain days?

Another concern that needs to be considered is that if the CUP, as proposed, is approved, the variances and changes on the zoning classification, will stay with the property, not the business.

So if Chasing Our Tails goes out of business, for whatever reason, any changes allowed by the CUP would permit any manufacturing facility to conduct business at this site in the future.

We were told these conditions could be re-written and they should be. The City Council needs to take all of these considerations into account before making a decision to grant this request at its April 9 meeting.

Judy St. Aubin is a resident of Marshall