Short Takes

Getting ahead of any flood waters


It’s good to see local governments being proactive when it comes to potential flooding this spring. Marshall and Cottonwood each declared a state of emergency last weekend. Yellow Medicine County and Murray County issued their declarations this week. Officials say the declarations are more of a precaution than a response to active flooding. It’s a matter of showing respect to what the Redwood River is capable of doing as far as damage.

How will the state budget shake out?


The budget proposal presented by Democrats earlier this week presented a mix bag when it comes to Southwest Minnesota. The plan calls for a tuition freeze. Of course, that’s good news for students struggling with the high cost of a quality education, but could be not so good news for SMSU as it works to maintain quality operations.

A taste of tru Shrimp for sale


Southwest Minnesota residents were offered the opportunity to buy some of the first shrimp raised at the Balaton Bay Reef shrimp facility. Tru Shrimp offered the shrimp for sale to the public during special sales on Tuesday and Thursday. Of course, the next step is to raise a large amount of shrimp at a production facility to be built soon in South Dakota.

Volunteers work to feed the hungry


Southwest Minnesota residents continue to show off their generosity in a big way. More than 600 volunteers showed up for two days this week to pack about 155,000 meals for hungry children and families in Haiti and Marshall. It’s all part of the Kids Against Hunger movement.