Short Takes

Polar blast puts heat on school districts


Not only did the dangerous driving conditions caused by snowy weather surprise motorists, but it also put some heat on superintendents in southwest Minnesota. With students in the schools, decisions were made to not send them home early. The superintendents in these school districts often communicate with each other and monitor weather reports from the National Weather Service. Sometimes forecasts are not fully accurate. And by the time school let out, roads were dangerously slippery and snow was blowing. Lakeview School District had to deal with four school buses getting stuck in the snow. Two buses with Marshall Middle School students had to turn back because of the poor visibility on the road and return to the school. “Everyone was caught off guard,” Lakeview Superintendent Chris Fenske said in an email to the Independent. Marshall School District Superintendent Scott Monson even sent out voice mails and emails to parents apologizing for dismissing school early. Trying to figure out what Mother Nature’s next move can be challenging. The good news is that all students eventually got home safe.

Keep sidewalks cleared of snow


Thanks to all those homeowners and businesses who keep the sidewalks clear this winter. It’s been a challenging couple of weeks. But those who deliver the mail and newspapers appreciate the effort.

Promoting within the organization


It’s good to see organizations, private or governmental, promote from within when an important position opens up. Congratulations to Cottonwood City Clerk Teather Bliss who was promoted city administrator by the city council. She replaces Charlie Seipel who has served in multiple capacities for Cottonwood since 2006. “I’m committed to doing good things as often as I can and to helping the community,” Bliss told the Independent.