Staying on the go even in frigid conditions

It takes a weather event like the one being experienced this week in southwest Minnesota and throughout the Midwest to truly appreciate the people who battle the snow, the rain and the intense heat to make sure we enjoy certain services.

We all are conditioned to expect no mail on holidays, but Wednesday’s no delivery was not scheduled. The forecast of dangerous below zero temperatures forced the United State Postal Service to cancel home delivery for that day. Also think about the pizza delivery people. And utility workers who have to trod into snow to get to broken equipment to make sure power is restored. And even the Marshall Independent has to be delivered in frigid conditions in the early hours of each morning by young and old.

Farmers and ranchers get no break at all no matter what is going on outside. The cattle and other livestock need to be fed every day. Without the determination of those in agriculture, there is no food to purchase at the markets.

There are many others not mentioned. And they all help to keep everything moving and going in sometimes rough conditions. They are all appreciated.