Short Takes for Jan. 25

Making up for lost federal funding will be tough for Minnesota


Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz said the state will not leave anyone behind during the government shutdown. Walz made that pledge during a public event held at a cafe in Ivanhoe. That pledge is going to get tougher and tougher to fulfill as that shutdown lingers on. As federal money dries up, finding state dollars to fill in the gaps will be nearly impossible.

Tough times for RTR community


Our hearts go out to the Russell-Tyler-Ruthton School District community. Members of that community are faced with a major decision on the future of their school facilities. Dealing with a bond referendum is stressful enough. But now those same members are facing the tragic deaths of two young men.

Opening up FSA offices will help


Speaking of the shutdown, at least the Farm Service Agency offices in Marshall and other parts of the state opened up for a couple days. Employees were called back to work to offer limited services for farmers and ranchers. This was effort to minimize the impact of the shutdown. But that impact is getting bigger and bigger.