Short Takes

Alcohol and snow can lead to tragedy


The Minnesota Department of Public Safety says more people lost their lives on state roadways in 2018 compared to the year before. That is according to a Minneapolis Star Tribune article this week. This report comes after tragedy struck southwest Minnesota as the end of 2018 approached. A Russell man was killed in a Highway 23 crash Sunday night. The State Patrol reported that alcohol was detected on the victim. In the Star Tribune report, the Office of Traffic Safety offers four things that will prevent 80 percent of fatalities: seat belts, obeying the speed limit, driving unimpaired and paying attention to surroundings. A fifth to consider is weather conditions. Alcohol and severe weather conditions can easily add up to tragedy. A good time to stay off the roads.

Arena offers something to do


The Red Baron Arena and Expo continues to prove to be a valuable asset to Marshall and the surrounding communities. A Monday story and photos of how some people found ways to enjoy the holiday weekend showcased open skating at the arena. The arena offered a fun option for youths and families during the break from school.

Paved streets in Echo’s near future


Good news for Echo residents and visitors to that community. After two years of dealing with a gravel surface, construction work that includes repaving is part of the last phase of the improvement of the road project. It definitely has been a long two years for that community.

Days adding up in federal shutdown


Thursday was the 13th day of the partial federal shutdown and no end in sight as President Donald Trump and the Democrats in the House dig in further.