Immigration is not the only border issue

While the debate wages over U.S. Immigration policies, another disturbing trend is being reported that also develops from the border with Mexico.

A report last week given by the commander of the Brown-Lyon-Redwood-Renville Drug Task Force is disturbing. Commander Jody Gladis told the Marshall Noon Rotary Club that the Mexican drug cartel is flooding Minnesota with methamphetamine. He claims that the meth is so readily assessable and so inexpensive that making meth in this state just doesn’t make sense.

Gladis is not the first to report the recent drug crisis in this state. The Minneapolis Star Tribune recently reported that the number of Minnesotans treated for meth addiction doubled in the past decade to almost 14,000 last year. The number of overdose deaths soared to 140 in 2016.

Law enforcement officials have made record-high busts, but they estimate they are stopping only 10 to 20 percent of the meth making its way into the state each year.

How is this happing?

Well, the Mexican drug cartels act as businesses. No matter how many walls the U.S. builds along the border, these cartels will find ways to ship their product. U.S. law enforcement officials say super labs in Mexico are becoming more and more efficient. And the cartels are getting more sophisticated with its shipping methods.

Gladis also cited a push to decriminalize narcotics and change sentencing guidelines as only making the problem worse. But law enforcement is also pleading for more resources to fight this drug war.

While working on immigration issues, Congress also needs to act on providing law enforcement with the needed tools to plug up these meth supply routes.


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