Staff member dies after assault by juvenile at Iowa youth facility

JOHNSTON, Iowa (AP) — A woman who worked at an Iowa center that provides services for troubled youths has died, days after she was assaulted by a juvenile at the facility, officials said.

Kathleen Galloway-Menke, 50, was assaulted May 8 by a 15-year-old resident at the center, Ellipsis Iowa, in the town of Johnston, police said. She died Tuesday at a hospital, The Des Moines Register reported.

A police report said someone at Ellipsis reported that a resident with “a history of being violent” left campus. Galloway-Menke and a male employee followed the youth outside and kept at a safe distance, but he suddenly ran at her, the family’s attorney, Trever Hook, told KCCI-TV.

Hook said Galloway-Menke was shoved and hit her head. Four police officers also suffered minor injuries.


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