City: Philadelphia police head quits over bias in department

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — The police commissioner of Philadelphia is resigning over new allegations of sexual harassment and racial and gender discrimination against others in the department, the mayor announced Tuesday.

Commissioner Richard Ross has been a terrific asset to the police department and the city, Mayor Jim Kenney said in a news release, and he’s disappointed to lose him. But in light of the new allegations, Ross’ “resignation is in the best interest of the department.”

There were scant details about the allegations against others in the department, but Kenney spokeswoman Deana Gamble told The Philadelphia Inquirer that a corporal and patrol officer made allegations against several department employees and claimed Ross knew about the alleged harassment.

Kenney’s statement referred to a sexual harassment prevention policy and efforts to prevent workplace discrimination and harassment that were implemented a year ago.

“While rolling out a new policy understandably takes time, I do not believe the Police Department has taken the necessary actions to address the underlying cultural issues that too often negatively impact women — especially women of color,” Kenney said.


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