Minnesota Conservation Corps to help with Garvin trail cleanup

MARSHALL — Storms this spring left lots of downed trees around Garvin Park. While volunteers and county staff were able to clear away the damage from campground areas, the job isn’t done yet, said Lyon County Environmental Administrator Roger Schroeder.

“The horse trails are a lot more difficult,” Schroeder told county commissioners Tuesday.

He estimated that about a quarter of the park’s horse trails currently have blockages or washouts. In many places, it’s difficult to get vehicles or equipment in to remove fallen trees, he said. It would also be hard for county staff to complete the needed repairs by the end of the camping season.

One way to help clear the trails would be to get outside help, Schroeder said. Lyon county voted to hire the Minnesota Conservation Corps for a total of 12 days.

Schroeder went over more details of the request at Tuesday’s county board meeting. He said the Conservation Corps crews work 10-hour days, Monday through Thursday, and would be more efficient at clearing the trails. A work crew would include five members equipped with tools like chainsaws and brush saws, and hand tools. The county would provide camping for the group in the primitive campground at Garvin Park.

The cost to hire a Conservation Corps crew would have a total cost of $16,500. Schroeder said the Minnesota Horse Council and the Minnesota Trail Riders Association had also agreed to assist with the cost, if the county hired the crew. The total financial assistance would come to about $7,000, he said.

Commissioners voted to accept the financial assistance and hire a Conservation Corps crew.


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