Believers in the family farm

Photo by Fritz Busch The Polejewski family of Taunton was recognized as the 2022 University of Minnesota Extension Service Lyon County Farm Family of the Year at Farmfest. From left, T. J., Leah, Austin, Marlene, Bob and Arlene Polejewski.

GILFILLAN ESTATE — Agriculture has been part of Bob and Arlene Polejewski’s family for three generations. They don’t want it to end there, either, Bob Polejewski said.

“We’re keeping (the farm) in the family, and it’s something we need to continue on,” Polejewski said Friday. “We need to keep the family farm in rural America, in rural Minnesota.”

The Polejewski family’s connection to farming and their community was recognized this week, as they were named the University of Minnesota Extension Farm Family of the Year for Lyon County. The Polejewskis, of Taunton, were among the farm families honored at Farmfest on Thursday.

“It was a great honor. It was very humbling,” Polejewski said.

Bob’s mother Marlene Polejewski said it was good to see Bob and Arlene being recognized.

“It’s nice to see them succeeding,” she said.

The Polejewskis have kept their family farm going through three generations. Stanley and Mary Polejewski homesteaded the farm, and then Edward and Marlene Polejewski operated it for 32 years.

Currently, Bob and Arlene Polejewski run the farm and own most of the land. Bob’s mother, Marlene, still owns 80 acres. Through the years, the Polejewskis have raised a variety of crops and livestock. Today, Polejewski Farms raises sheep and crops including corn, soybeans, wheat and alfalfa.

The sheep herd is owned by Bob, Arlene and their daughter, Leah. Bob and Arlene’s son Austin, as well as Leah and her husband T.J. help with livestock and the grain operation.

Bob Polejewski said he’s also helped make the family farm into “somewhat of a research farm” for AgPlus. AgPlus uses the plots of corn, soybeans and alfalfa for demonstrations to area farmers.

Working together with neighbors and community members has been a rewarding part of family farming, Bob Polejewski said. Bob, Arlene, and their children have been involved in emergency services and community organizations in the Taunton area. Bob is a volunteer assistant fire chief and captain of the first responder squad in Taunton.

Arlene is a former member of the first responders, and T.J. is a member of the Taunton Fire Department.

The Polejewskis have also been involved with 4-H and the Lyon County Fair for many years.

“I love working with 4-H,” Bob Polejewski said.

Polejewski said he hoped the family could keep their farm going into future generations.

“I’m a firm believer in the family farm,” he said. “We need to get young farmers started.”


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