1932: Solicitors Should Be Sent To Police-Cards Furnished For Every Home

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Publisher’s Note: The following article, published in the July, 1932 edition of The News Messenger reflects a symptom of the ongoing Great Depression, an influx of “transients” into the community and how to handle them. A portion of this article will be featured in the new book: “The Sesquicentennial: Cultivating 150 Years of History in Marshall and Lyon County.” Books can be ordered for $44.95 by calling The Independent or filling out the form included in an advertisement in today’s paper.


Solicitors Should Be Sent To Police-Cards Furnished For Every Home.

(July 22) – Marshall is going on a ticket basis for handling transients.

The city council Tuesday approved the plan suggested by the Civic and Commerce association which it is believed will eliminate much of the soliciting for food and money which has been so prevalent the last few weeks.

From now on, when a man asks for money or something to eat, he should be referred to the Police Department, which will see he is fed one time. Everyone should do this to make the plan entirely effective.

The Civic and Commerce association is furnishing the tickets tot the Police Department to use, and in addition will supply a window or door card to every business place and every home in the city. This card reads as follows:


No Soliciting Here

This city has arranged to help you out with something to eat. lf you are hungry, see the Police Depart ment at the City Hall. Please do NOT call at homes and business places This Place Does Not Give Handouts of Any Kind.”

These cards were distributed throughout the city Thursday and every home should get one. In case any residences or business place are missed, they should telephone The News-Messenger, and cards will be supplied.

Must Register.

When the transient calls at the City Hall he will be given a lunch ticket good for 15 cents at local restaurants. He must register before he gets his ticket and after he has received one will not be fed again.

The plan is not expected to increase the amount of money the city is spending for this purpose to any great extent, as heretofore transients have been furnished with a 25 cent lunch.

It is realized many of these transients are worthy of help. It is also realized many are not. Some will refuse anything but money, others will refuse to see the police. In order to help those who are worthy, and at the same time relieve housewives and business men of the many calls for assistance they are receiving everyday, it is believed best to give this assistance on the ticket plan. To be successful, however, the plan must have the support of everyone. Don’t give money or hand out food-send them to the Police Department at the City Hall.


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