Resident group sues Broadmoor Valley owner

Separate lawsuit from AG, residents seek remedy for conditions at mobile home park

MARSHALL — The Broadmoor Valley manufactured home park is already the focus of legal action by the Minnesota Attorney General’s Office and the city of Marshall. Now, an organization representing Broadmoor Valley residents has also filed a lawsuit against the park’s owner.

Both Paul Schierholz and a representative of the Broadmoor Valley Resident Association appeared at a Zoom hearing in Lyon County District Court on Wednesday. The Resident Association is suing Schierholz and Associates, the company that owns Broadmoor Valley. Court documents say the Resident Association is seeking a tenant remedies action, because the park “has not been kept in reasonable repair.”

The lawsuit, filed in December, alleges that Schierholz and Associates has failed to maintain Broadmoor Valley, its storm shelter and its roads. The Resident Association is asking for a court injunction to fix the problems, as well as an abatement of past paid rent.

In a response to the lawsuit filed Monday, Schierholz and Associates denied the allegations, and asked for the complaint to be dismissed.

At Wednesday’s hearing, the court set future hearing dates for the case in February and April.

The allegations in the Resident Association’s lawsuit are similar to those made by the Minnesota Attorney General’s Office last summer. Attorney General Keith Ellison said his office was suing Broadmoor Valley’s owner for failing to maintain the park and its roads to state standards, and for charging residents illegally high penalties for late rent payments.

Schierholz’s response to the Attorney General’s lawsuit, filed Sept. 16, denied most of the allegations. The court documents said Schierholz and Associates admits there are abandoned homes “that are in disrepair” at Broadmoor Valley. However, the response said vandalism by third parties had caused some of the damage to homes.

The response also denied that late fees at Broadmoor Valley were excessive.

Court trial dates for the Attorney General’s lawsuit were set for January 2023.

The city of Marshall is also currently going through legal action, trying to get a number of deteriorated vacant homes removed from Broadmoor Valley. Marshall City Attorney Dennis Simpson said the city has filed both an abatement order to remove four homes from the park, and a request for enforcement of that order.

Simpson said the court appointed a mediator, who met with representatives from the city, Paul Schierholz and his attorney last week. They didn’t reach an agreement at that time, Simpson said. He said mediation will continue next week, with the parties also talking to a representative from the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry.


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