County to seek compactor site for recycling

MARSHALL — Lyon County will be looking for space to help compact the recycling it collects at community drop sites.

Commissioners directed Lyon County Environmental Administrator Roger Schroeder to seek quotes on an existing building to lease.

The county currently maintains a total of 13 drop-off sites in area cities, with roll-off containers for household recyclable materials like glass bottles, cans and plastic food containers.

Schroeder said that at a recent meeting of the county Capital Committee, the question was asked “how can we be more efficient?”

One possible way could be by taking up an offer from the county’s current curbside recycling contractor to help compact the items collected from the drop-off sites, he said. Schroeder said the hauler offered to locate a compactor inside a county-owned building.

Schroeder suggested that the county might be able to find an existing building for the compactor instead. If they could find a building to lease, it might be possible to enter an agreement for the compactor for the duration of the county’s current recycling agreement.

During discussion of the proposal, Commissioner Rick Anderson said the county should also approach local townships to see if there could be available buildings that could serve as a tipping floor to compact recyclables.

Commissioners voted to have Schroeder seek quotes for a building to lease for compacting recyclables, or an existing recycling contractor that could take on the recyclables from county drop sites.


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