Exploring the ‘Hinterland’

Art crawl with southwest Minnesota focus returns

Parts of southwest Minnesota might seem a little remote, but there are a lot of talented artists on the prairie.

Organizers of the Hinterland Art Crawl said they’re looking forward to having visitors take a self-guided tour of artists’ studios this weekend.

“We’ve got some new artists coming out of the woodwork, or out of the prairie grass,” said Dan Wahl, one of the tour organizers.

The art crawl will be from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday, with stops spread out over an area between Redwood Falls in the north and Windom in the south. The focus on art in smaller communities like Redwood Falls, Walnut Grove, Lamberton and Springfield is part of how the Hinterland Art Crawl got its name. “Hinterland” is a word for a place far from urban centers, said organizer David KelseyBassett.

“By definition, our area is kind of remote,” so the name is fitting, he said.

Wahl said the art crawl is hoping to rebound after the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We got off to a great start in 2019,” before having to put the event on hold last year, he said. “This is a rebuilding year for us.”

Wahl said the art crawl has grown to include some new artists and cultural showcases this year, including David Strom, whose work focuses on elements from southwest Minnesota landscapes, and the Hmong Cultural Center in Westbrook. Wahl said it’s exciting to be able to feature the variety of cultures and artists in the region.

Art crawlers can also visit the Jeffers Petroglyphs site in the Lamberton area. The site, which features thousands of rock carvings made by indigenous people hundreds of years ago, will be free to the public on Art Crawl day.

Hinterland Art Crawl / 10 a.m.-6 p.m. Saturday

• Gilwood Haven Community Center, Redwood Falls / Artists — Elaine and Paul Hagen, Nan Kaufenberg, Lisa Kellen and Pearl Ziegenhagen

• The Farmer’s Wife, Redwood Falls /

Artist — Rebecca Alexander

• Molly Schweinfurter Studio, 30667 County Road 2, Redwood Falls / Artists — Molly Schweinfurter, Dona Larkin

• Laura Ingalls Wilder Museum, Walnut Grove / Artists — Dan Wahl, Larry Wahl

• Joel McKinney Gallery, Walnut Grove/ Artist — Joel McKinney

• Wakefield Home, Walnut Grove / Artists — Rick and Lori Wakefield

• Tina Anderson-Richards Studio, 2815 231st St., Walnut Grove / Artist — Tina Anderson-Richards

• Clayton Hubert Home Studio, Lamberton / Artist — Clayton Hubert

• Main St. Peddler, Lamberton / Artist — SammyJo Miller

• Rob’s Custom Sawmilling, 16193 County Road 6, Lamberton / Artist — Colby Davis

• Smiling Tree Toys, 37574 County Road 11, Lamberton / Artists — Justin and Kathy Batalden Smith, Oak Kelsey and David KelseyBassett

• Jeffers Petroglyphs, 27160 County Road 2, Comfrey / Free admission for Art Crawlers

• Milk Flower Shed, Home and Studios, Springfield / Artists — Stephen Mark, Piper Posz and Rebecca Wandersee

• Painted Prairie Vineyard, 1575 250th Ave., Currie / Artist — Christy Hemp

• Hmong History Center, Westbrook-Walnut Grove High School / Artist — Yeng Yang

• David Strom Gallery, Windom / Artist — David Strom

• Cottonwood County Historical Society, Windom / Exhibit — “Stitched by Hand: Cottonwood County Quilts”


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