Council calls for removal of hazardous structures at Broadmoor Valley

MARSHALL — Members of the Marshall City Council voted to take the first step toward the possible removal of dilapidated mobile homes at the Broadmoor Valley trailer park in Marshall. On Tuesday night, the council passed a resolution declaring four vacant residences hazardous, and calling for them to be either repaired or removed.

City Attorney Dennis Simpson said an abatement order will still need to be officially served to the property owner, but the action needed council approval first.

“I think we owe it to the residents” to take action regarding hazardous structures at the park, Simpson said.

The city could also still take future action toward either repairing or demolishing structures at the mobile home park, Simpson said.

Residents at Broadmoor Valley have been calling attention to poor conditions at the park since 2018. Last month, they brought concerns about pothole-filled roads and uninhabitable mobile homes back before the city council. In response, council members called for a closed-session meeting July 27 to discuss possible legal action, like an order for Broadmoor Valley’s owner to remove or repair substandard structures on the property.

Simpson said Marshall building official Ilya Gutman conducted a visual inspection at Broadmoor Valley on Aug. 5, and confirmed that four unoccupied mobile homes at the park needed to be removed. Issues with the four mobile homes included holes in their exteriors, places where water could get into the structures, unsecured doors and broken windows.

“We’ve got some of these properties going back to 2017 that have been uninhabited,” Simpson said.

The four properties to be included in the abatement order are all owned by Schierholz and Associates, Inc., or by THROM, LLC, a company now known as First Phoenix, LLC, which shares the same Colorado Springs mailing address as Schierholz and Associates. One of the four mobile homes is a vacant residence on Spruce Lane that caught fire in June.

Once an abatement order is properly served to the property owners, they will have 30 days to either make the needed repairs, or remove the hazardous residences. If neither of those things happen, then the matter would go to the Lyon County District Court for enforcement.

The city could still take future action regarding dilapidated residences at Broadmoor Valley, Simpson said. He was proposing to obtain an administrative search warrant, which would make it possible for the city to inspect a total of 17 properties at the trailer park for deficiencies. That action would proceed through the city attorney’s office, Simpson said. After that, the city could issue another abatement order.


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