‘Nice award’ for volunteer

Kvernmo honored as Lincoln Co. outstanding senior citizen for many years of 4-H service

Hendricks native Gail Kvernmo holds up her Outstanding Senior Citizens Award on Thursday during the opening day of the Lincoln County Fair.

TYLER — Hendricks native Gail Kvernmo has been an integral part of the Lincoln County 4-H chapter for decades through her work as a parent, judge and leader.

Kvernmo’s dedication to the program and the community at large was recognized on Thursday during the opening day of the Lincoln County Fair with the Outstanding Senior Citizens Award.

Not one to seek out praise, Kvernmo admitted the honor was a bit overwhelming but was happy to receive the award.

“I had mixed feelings. I don’t like the spotlight and I don’t like awards. Yet over the years I’ve done a lot of work with the county fair and with 4-H,” Kvernmo explained. “So, I felt when they gave me that honor, I should accept it. And so yes, that was a nice award.”

The Outstanding Senior Citizen Award is part of the Minnesota State Fair’s ‘Recognition Programs’ in which two Minnesota seniors are selected out of nominees from each county in the state through their commitment to community service.

Kvernmo has taken that commitment to heart through her work judging neighboring county 4-H projects.

“I have been a judge in surrounding counties for the 4-H projects. I have judged at the Minnesota State Fair. I don’t ever judge at Lincoln County, because I was born and raised in Lincoln County and I know too many people. Therefore, it would be a challenge for me to judge and a challenge for them to see me,” said Kvernmo.

The countless hours put in as a volunteer for the local program ties back to her firm belief in the benefits of the 4-H program, and the family bonds that go along with it.

“The 4-H program is such a wonderful program because it’s a family program. And to be a good 4-H’er you have to have family support,” said Kvernmo. “Behind every good 4-H’er is a supporting family member.”


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