New and old classic vehicles roll into downtown Marshall

Photo by Jake Przytarski Michael Milbrath inspects a classic car on display on Main Street in downtown Marshall on Thursday afternoon during the Shades of the Past car club roll-in even

BMARSHALL — Freshly waxed and ready for spectators to admire, classic vehicles of all varieties glistened under the bright sun on Main Street as attendees inspected each one at the first ever downtown Marshall roll-in.

Shades of the Past Car Club President Jerry Haas said planning for the event has been in the works since January with multiple steps needed to be met before it became a reality.

“I think it started in January,” said Haas. “We went to the Chamber and the Downtown Business Association and talked with them and we’ve been working on it ever since.”

“It turned out great. We had to go through the DOT to get permission to shut down Main Street here, we worked with the city and the club has been really happy with the results here. This is our first event for a roll-in,” he added.

Local businesses were eager to join in on the festivities including Columbia Imports, which offered popcorn for attendees in front of its downtown storefront. Owner Dereck Deutz, a car enthusiast himself, participated in the roll-in as well with his 2005 Subaru WRX STI displayed right in front of his store for onlookers to admire.

“It’s a beautiful day and It’s nice to get enthusiasts together,” said Deutz. “I drive a 2005 Subrau WRX STI it’s an all-wheel drive six-speed manual. It’s a really good rally car.”

Not all of the people taking in the festivities had a car they wanted to show off as some came simply came for the atmosphere and love of seeing classic vehicles. Marshall resident Michael Milbrath says he’s been going to Shades of Past car shows every year since he can remember and just loves cars — new and old.

“I just love old cars — all of them. Even from the new ones on down to like there’s a 1931 Ford back down here,” Milbrath said pointing down Main Street. “I just love it. I don’t have a car myself, wish I did of course, but I really enjoy it.”

Having the opportunity to chat with fellow car enthusiasts is one of the most enjoyable parts for Milbrath in attending these car shows.

“This kind of an atmosphere is just perfect I really think because people get to mingle, even with this COVID stuff with a mask and everything,” said Milbrath. “It’s still just kind of fun to be down here to talk to these people. Most of this stuff is about my era anyways.”

A vehicle that was drawing plenty of spectators at the lively event was Mark and Karen Dahl’s 1946 Dodge pickup truck. The Cottonwood natives are no stranger to car shows as they’ve become regulars at nearby events.

“I just love getting out and doing things. We know a lot fo the car club members,” said Karen Dahl. “There’s other roll-ins, Wabasso has them during the summer and Tracy’s had them. Ghent’s had them before too. So we enjoy going to that kind of stuff.”

Haas said inspiration for the roll-in came from Wabasso’s summertime events, but unlike their event the Shades of Past only takes place once a year.

Whether the event will continue on with the roll-in format is still up in the air as the decision will depend on approval from downtown.

“We got ideas from Wabasso roll-in. They do this almost every two weeks during the summer time. We don’t want to step on their feet. We just want to do one a year at the first part of summer as kind of a kickoff,” said Haas. “Whether or not we do it next year will be up to downtown.”


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