Dahms touts jobs budget bill passed by MN Senate

ST. PAUL — A bill that Sen. Gary Dahms, R-Redwood Falls, says will promote business and economic recovery was passed by the Senate on Thursday.

The Omnibus Jobs and Economic Growth budget bill focuses on economic recovery, workforce training, business development services and addressing the shortage of child care in many communities, according to a Dahms press release.

Dahms said the legislation creates a Small Business Loan Guarantee program, gives businesses the ability to operate at full capacity with a COVID-19 safety plan in place and requires any future executive orders aimed at closing or partially closing businesses receive support from the majority of both the House and Senate before going into effect.   

“The goal of this bill is to devote resources for recovery efforts to both small businesses and the workforce after a long year full of restrictions, shutdowns, and financial hardships,” Dahms said.

“After one of the most challenging years in recent history, this budget focuses on removing barriers to employment, getting people trained today for the jobs of tomorrow, and making Minnesota a viable place to invest.”

Other key provisions in the legislation include:  

• Expanding options for individuals to receive Unemployment Insurance (UI) benefits while simultaneously receiving workforce training services. 

• Requiring written warnings to be given to businesses for first-time violations of COVID restrictions instead of high-cost fines. 

• Reforming the Wage Theft Prevention Act to help businesses stay compliant so workers are protected. 

• Modifying building code to help decrease costs while ensuring building safety remains a priority.

• Reducing time an employee needs to work for an employer for purposes of participating in the Shared Work Program.

The bill now awaits action by the Minnesota House of Representatives.


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