Avera Marshall adds new technology to improve breast cancer surgery

MARSHALL– Avera Marshall Regional Medical Center now offers SAVI SCOUT®, a surgical guidance system that increases patient comfort and enhances accuracy for surgeons during breast surgery.

SAVI SCOUT is a zero-radiation, wire-free solution for localization and guiding removal of tumors during lumpectomy and biopsy procedures. Prior to surgery, a tiny reflector the size of a grain of rice is placed at the tumor site by needle. During the procedure, safe, non-radioactive waves detect the reflector’s location within the breast, giving the surgeon pinpoint accuracy.

Previously, locating a breast tumor could include the use of uncomfortable guidewires or a radioactive marker.

One in eight women in the United States will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime, and one of the most common procedures performed for early breast cancer is a lumpectomy.

“This system allows our surgeons to provide extremely precise care, improving the experience and outcomes for patients,” said Dodie Derynck, vice president of clinical operations. “By bringing the latest techniques and technology to our region, we can help patients receive the care they need close to home.”

Dr. Steven Kidd and Dr. Lucky Vang, general surgeons with Avera Medical Group Marshall, are both trained and skilled in the use of this system.  

“Surgical care for breast cancer is constantly evolving, and we are blessed to be able to make new advancements like this available for people in our area. New technology can help provide a superior result for most patients, and that’s what it’s all about,” said Dr. Kidd.

The SAVI SCOUT technology was purchased with funds raised through the Avera Foundation.


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