Agriculture specialty plate draws support

ST. PAUL — A bill authored by Minnesota Sen. Gary Dahms, R-Redwood, that would create an agriculture specialty themed license plate cleared a hurdle in the Senate last week.

The Senate Transportation Committee passed the legislation, drawing bipartisan support, according to Dahms. The new agriculture license plate would be available by a $20 annual contribution to the Minnesota Agriculture Account. The money raised would then be distributed to the Minnesota FFA Foundation and used to support Minnesota 4-H programming and activities. The license plates would become available beginning Jan. 1.

“I am proud to carry this bill supporting our FFA and 4-H programs,” Dahms said. “Getting our young people engaged in the agriculture industry is so important. These license plates will help fund the next generation of Minnesota agriculture.”

Leaders from the Minnesota FFA and Minnesota 4-H both testified in support of the bill. The bill now awaits a hearing in the Senate Finance Committee.


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