Trump supporters gather in downtown Marshall

Photo by Deb Gau A group of area Trump supporters gathered, holding signs and flags, at the corner of Main Street and College Drive in Marshall on Wednesday afternoon.

MARSHALL — On the same day that members of Congress were supposed to start the process of counting Electoral College votes from the November presidential election, a group of area residents were in Marshall showing their support for President Donald Trump.

By 1 p.m., a group of around 25 people, including adults and kids, were gathered at Memorial Park downtown. As they held Trump political signs and flags, they waved back to passing cars that honked horns in support.

It wasn’t the first time area residents had met to show support for Trump. In the lead-up to the presidential election, people had brought political flags to the corner of Main Street and Highway 23 in Marshall. But on Wednesday, the demonstration had a purpose beyond supporting the president. A few different people at the Memorial Park gathering said they were protesting what they claimed was evidence of voter fraud or unconstitutional rule changes for elections in states like Pennsylvania, Arizona and Georgia.

Supporters said they organized Wednesday’s gathering over social media. People present said they were from Marshall and area communities including Canby and Cottonwood.

Some of the Trump supporters gathered at the park declined to give their names, saying they were concerned they might be targets of vandalism or retaliation. However, the response as they stood on the corner of Main Street and College Drive was mostly positive.

“I haven’t heard anybody yell something negative,” said Lavern Eick.


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