Tree trimming work underway

City crews busy pruning back problem spots along Marshall streets

Photo by Mike Lamb Marshall city maintenance worker Derek Esping cuts branches off of trees along Lynd Street in Marshall on Friday. City crews will continue the pruning project along public streets this week, according to city officials.

MARSHALL — It’s not road construction season, but local residents may have still seen a different type of city maintenance work going on around Marshall.

City crews were out trimming trees, and some of the work should continue into this week, said Marshall Public Works Director Jason Anderson.

Trimming dead or low-hanging branches that go into the city right of way is part of regular maintenance work that city crews do.

City staff are always taking inventory of areas that need to be trimmed, and the tree trimming is usually done as city workers have time to do it, Anderson said. The city doesn’t do trimming work on private property, only on trees in the public right of way.

For a tree to be trimmed, staff have to determine that it could pose a threat to public use of the right of way, he said. For example, a large dead branch could be a risk to the public if it falls, or low-hanging tree branches could get in the way of city work trucks or traffic along public streets.

“When we get to times of the year like this where we have more time for this type of work, we do split the town into smaller areas and go through it,” Anderson said. Property owners are notified through door hangers if crews will be working in front of their property

Last week, city crews were doing tree trimming work in the area of Marshall south and west of Main Street and north of College Drive. It’s an area that includes parts of South Fifth and Sixth Streets, and Lynd Street, said Marshall public ways superintendent Dean Coudron.

Work in the area should continue into this week, Anderson said.


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