New journey for Pastor Schreiner

Christ Lutheran to hold drive-by farewell at Samuel Lutheran School on Sunday

MARSHALL — After spending the past two decades presiding over Christ Lutheran Church in Marshall, Pastor Keith Schreiner is set to embark on a new journey in Cannon Falls at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church later this month.

Schreiner said the opportunity wasn’t something he was searching for, but after speaking with the church in Cannon Falls, he felt he could assist in revitalizing the congregation.

“It is not something that I sought out. I did not look to leave here at Christ (Lutheran Church). I’m very happy here,” said Schreiner.

“They had some needs at that church. They felt that I might be able to help them, and some of the things that they needed are things that I could help with,” Schreiner added. “I’m hoping to be able to revitalize that congregation a little bit.”

Schreiner arrived to Marshall in 1998 after previously serving as a pastor in the town of Westland, Michigan. Prior to his first call in Westland, Schreiner graduated from Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary in 1989.

In his over 20 years at Christ Lutheran Church, Schreiner estimates that he’s been a part of roughly 130 baptisms, 111 burials and over 50 marriages. The connections built through those important moments is something he will cherish.

“You obviously touch a lot of lives and get to know families intimately during that time, especially at those very special times with baptisms, marriages and funerals,” said Schreiner. “It’s been a wonderful thing to be able to be here and help when they need help that way.”

For years, Schreiner’s Sunday sermons have been broadcast on KMHL at 8 a.m. with a wide following of supporters beyond those at Christ Lutheran Church. The support he’s received has been surprising in a way, but comforting knowing the Gospel is being proclaimed.

“I’m actually surprised and pleased how many people that are not our members listen to that and feel it’s a benefit to them to hear that,” said Schreiner. “There are other people who listen then go to their church, whatever that might be, whatever denomination that might be. They listen to that broadcast, and feel that it’s certainly a good thing because they recognize the gospel is being proclaimed.”

Schreiner and his church have touched the lives of many through the “Jesus Cares Ministry,” or JCM for short, which is a special ministry for the developmentally disabled. Schreiner said the program got its start in 2006 and is still going strong.

“I think it’s our largest volunteer group within the congregation with probably 20-plus volunteers on a regular basis who take part in that. Bible classes are normally held twice a month at the church with worship services as well,” said Schreiner.

“Not everybody reaches out to those who have special needs and our congregation has and I’m very proud of that,” he said.

Schreiner’s final service at Christ Lutheran Church will be on Sunday, which precedes a final drive-by farewell at Samuel Lutheran School at 1 p.m. Looking ahead to his upcoming move to Cannon Falls, Schreiner said he’s excited for the new challenge and plans to incorporate many different things from his time serving Marshall.

“I’m excited about a little different challenge. The congregation is about half the size of Christ’s, so it’s not about serving a bigger congregation or anything like that,” said Schreiner. “I’m looking forward to the challenges there.”

“A lot of the things I’m sure will be the same,” he added. “We’ll take some of the activities and different things that we’ve done here I’m sure and try to do them there and strengthen the membership through any number of different things like that as well.”

Scheiner will be joined in Cannon Falls by his wife Jennifer and their three kids: Christina, Andrew and Jordan.


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