Lyon County election results show strong lead for Republicans

MARSHALL — Republican candidates for national and state offices had strong support from Lyon County voters, election night data showed.

President Donald Trump and Republican candidates for Minnesota state offices, like Rep. Chris Swedzinski and Sen. Bill Weber received more than 60% of the votes cast. While the U.S. Senate and Congressional District 7 races were closer, Republican candidates still drew the majority of votes in Lyon County.

While Joe Biden and Kamala Harris won the state of Minnesota in the presidential and vice presidential race, a majority of Lyon County voters supported Trump and Vice President Mike Pence. Lyon County election results counted 7,979 votes for Trump and Pence, and 4,630 votes for Biden and Harris. That broke down to 61% of votes for the Republican candidates, and 35% for the Democratic candidates.

Races for Minnesota legislative seats showed a similar split in votes in Lyon County, according to county election results. Rep. Chris Swedzinski, who was running for re-election in Minnesota House District 16A received 6,656 votes, while DFL challenger Doria Drost received 3,426 votes.

In House District 22A, which includes part of southern Lyon County, Rep. Joe Schomacker received 1,831 votes compared to 741 votes for DFL challenger Chris Baumberger. In Minnesota Senate District 22, which includes part of southern Lyon County, Sen. Bill Weber received 1,751 votes compared to 685 votes for DFL challenger Shawna Marshall.

In Minnesota Senate District 16, Sen. Gary Dahms did not have a challenger from the DFL. Dahms received a total of 6,843 votes, while Independence-Alliance candidate Joshua Prine received 1,566 votes and Legal Marijuana Now party candidate Steve Preslicka received 1,291 votes.

The races for U.S. Senator and CD7 still had a lot of Republican support in Lyon County, but with less of a lead over Democratic candidates. In Lyon County, Sen. Tina Smith received 4,461 votes and Jason Lewis received 7,401 votes. Rep. Collin Peterson received 4,957 votes in Lyon County, while Republican challenger Michelle Fischbach received 6,860 votes. At the statewide level, Smith went on to keep her Senate seat, while Fischbach was victorious in the House race.

Lyon County had a roughly 90% voter turnout this year, along with an all-time record number of absentee votes. Part of the increase in absentee ballots being cast came from a growing number of voting precincts switching to mail-in ballots, said Lyon County Auditor/Treasurer E.J. Moberg.


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