‘Enough is enough’

About 40 protest over swastika masks video, memorial vandalism

Photo by Mike Lamb Protesters reacting to the recent vandalism of the George Floyd Memorial in Marshall and the video that went viral of a couple wearing swastika masks lined the corner at Memorial Park on Wednesday.

MARSHALL — Stephanie Streeter wanted to send a message.

“Stop ignoring the problems around here,” she said while protesting on the corner of Main Street and College Drive at Memorial Park Wednesday evening.

Streeter organized the protest after recent events that included the vandalism for the second time of the George Floyd Memorial on College Drive and the viral video showing the couple wearing swastika masks at the Marshall Walmart on Saturday. About 40 protesters showed up.

“We have a lot of problems over the past few months as far as racial division goes,” Streeter said. “We decided it’s time to come out again and let them know we’re still here. Black Lives Matter.”

The Walmart mask video, which drew nationwide attention to Marshall, was the main reason for Olivia Smith to show up. She held a sign with the words “Stop pretending your racism is patriotism.”

“Enough is enough. I love this town, but I’m ashamed of the things we kind of done,” she said. “Our protest sizes aren’t that big. The first one was really good. That was fabulous. But I feel each time it just gets smaller and smaller when this issue just keeps getting bigger and bigger. We just need to do more. I came to do my part.”

Chanelle Walker was standing next to Smith holding a sign saying, “This is not a moment it’s a movement.”

She also thought it was important to keep showing up to protest instead of just posting online to friends and family.

“You can talk the talk, but you need to walk the walk,” she said.

Jocelyn Klein was also standing nearby.

“I’m here because I think our community deserves better,” she said. “We like to pride ourselves on being a small town community and small communities are all about love. And we are not showing that right now. We are not showing our people of color that they don’t have to be afraid.”


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