Tracy City Council to discuss COVID-19 plan

TRACY — The Tracy City Council will be holding a meeting today to discuss getting in front of the COVID-19 pandemic and the issues it’s presenting. Among the list of topics will include the recent closures of the Multi-Purpose Center and VMC gym, new HR policies and internal operations, a community working group and council actions.

The biggest council actions are the resolution of a local declaration of a state of emergency as well as the suspension of the city of Tracy’s Board and Commission meetings until City Administrator Erik Hansen deems it safe to lift the suspension. City council meetings will be held electronically.

On March 13, Hansen announced the temporary closure of the Multi-Purpose Center, which will be closed through March 27. The Veteran’s Memorial Center gym was also closed on Wednesday and will be closed through March 27 as a result of the governor’s executive order. All other city buildings and services will remain open at this time and will operate during normal business hours.

As a result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, HR policies are being put in place. Employees are instructed to not come to work if they are sick or feel like they have been exposed to the coronavirus. All employees whose facilities or functions that are currently closed or suspended will continue to be paid and are being told to report to work for other duties. Those employees who voluntarily take leave due to COVID-19 will be paid according to the leave policy that was outlined on March 12.

Internal operations such as increasing sanitizing efforts and placing sanitizing stations near all public points of entry will be continuing to occur. At the city clerk’s office, there will be limitations of allowing just one customer at a time and financial tracking systems for future potential reimbursement will also be implemented.

Also on March 13, a meeting was initiated to help create a community working group to share information and create and coordinate a community response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Tracy Fire Chief Dale Johnson is serving as the emergency manager and chairing the meetings, which have been attended by representatives from the city of Tracy, Sanford Tracy, Tracy Fire and Ambulance, LSS, the Tracy School District, Prairie View Senior Living and Twin Circle Apartments.