Otto Bremer Trust awards grants to Marshall area organizations

ST. PAUL — Area organizations were the recipients of Otto Bremer Trust grants last year. The trust gave out a total of $56,845,772 in grants and program-related investments in 2019 to more than 650 organizations in Minnesota, North Dakota, and western Wisconsin. The total represents OBT’s ninth consecutive year of record charitable distributions.

The largest grants in the Marshall area were $250,000 to the United Community Action Partnership, Inc., $60,000 to the city of Minneota; $50,000 to the New Horizons Crisis Center, Marshall; $36,000 to Advance Opportunities, Marshall; and $20,000 to the city of Marshall.

The $250,000 that UCAP received from Bremer was used to fund construction costs for the new Head Start facility that is currently being built next to the office space at 1400 S. Saratoga in Marshall, said Debi Brandt, United Community Action Partnership executive director.

“We ‘re excited as the project is really taking shape and are looking forward to when it’s occupied by our Head Start children,” she said.

The city of Minneota’s $60,000 grant went to the Fire Relief Association and the monies were used to purchase 18 new Air-Paks (breathing apparatuses).

“The grant money covered approximately half of the cost,” said Shirley Teigland, the administrator for the city of Minneota.

Likewise, the city of Marshall’s grant of $20,000 went to the fire department.

The Marshall Fire Department was the recipient of the matching Otto Bremer Foundation Grant from 2018, said Quentin Brunsvold, Marshall fire chief. “The grant was paid out in 2019 and was used to purchase $40,000 worth of automobile extrication equipment.”

Advance Opportunities, which provides employment opportunities and vocational training to individuals with developmental, physical and other disabilities, received $36,000.

“We will be using the grant for general operating support of the agency to expand job opportunities for adults with disabilities,” said Rhonda Lyon, Advance Opportunities executive director.

The trust has invested millions to organizations throughout the region.

“In just the past eight years, we have invested more than $365 million via grants and other financial vehicles to qualified organizations that are working on the front lines to creatively address issues that impact the daily lives of people throughout the region,” said Charlotte Johnson, co-CEO and trustee, OBT. “Since 1944, we have worked with organizations and community leaders to identify and implement projects that provide residents of the Upper Midwest with opportunities for a better life.”

“As we close out 2019 and look to 2020, we are particularly excited about our previously announced geographic expansion,” said Dan Reardon, co-CEO and trustee, OBT. “This year we are expanding our funding to organizations in the state of Montana and eastern Wisconsin. We look forward to bringing additional resources to many new communities in those areas.”


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